Small businesses create 70% of jobs in February

The month of February registered a positive balance of formal jobs created in Brazil. There were 401,639 registered vacancies, with micro and small companies accounting for 68.5% of the jobs created in Brazil. This corresponds to a little more than 275,000 jobs created by small businesses. Medium and large companies had a positive balance of just over 101 thousand vacancies in the month.

Source: SP Investe

China’s ESG focus to boost new industries in Brazil

A decade after the last commodities super cycle, between 2002 and 2011, the Brazilian stock exchange is preparing for a new season of high prices for basic inputs, anticipating a strong global economic recovery sustained by China. Beijing’s focus on the ESG agenda tends to have different effects on different segments in the domestic stock market.

Source: Valor International

Demand for Gol domestic flights falls 41%

Gol informed that the demand for seats on its domestic flights in March was 40.6% lower than a year earlier, illustrating the continued pressure on the airline sector, in the face of social isolation measures to try to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. The offer of seats by the company was 39.7% lower, also in the annual comparison. With this, the occupancy rate of aircraft decreased 1.1 percentage points compared to March 2020, the first month of the pandemic in the country, to a rate of 71.8%.

Source: UOL Economia

International brands close operations in Brazil

The president of the Brazilian Retail and Consumer Society, Eduardo Terra, evaluates 2021 as a year of accommodation regarding the entry and exit of international brands in Brazil. “In the franchise segment, nine foreign networks closed their operations in the country last year and large international retailers also left,” he says. “It doesn’t mean Brazil has lost relevance and the same companies cannot return in the future, as has happened in the past.”

Source: Valor International