Amazon rainforest holds only 0.2% of $200bn market

There is a wide range of products in the Amazon far beyond the usual minerals, forest carbon credits and new drugs of the future. In three years, 64 products compatible with the forest were produced and exported by companies from the nine states that comprise the so-called Legal Amazon. They total almost $300 million a year and there is a lot of potential for growth –these 64 products are a global market of $200 billion.

Source: Valor International

Consumer search for credit increases 20%

The consumer search for credit increased 20.1% in March compared to the same month in 2020, according to the Serasa Experian indicator. The return of the tightening of social isolation measures and the cutting of the emergency aid were the main factors responsible for the growth. Consumers with lower incomes were the ones who sought loans the most.

Source: Valor Invest

Petrobras may have compensation of $6.45 bn

Petrobras said its board of directors approved conditions for agreement with the government that establish the amount of compensation to the company in the event of the auction of surplus volumes from the onerous transfer of rights in the fields of Sepia and Atapu, in the Santos Basin. The company said that, after technical discussions with the also state-owned PPSA, firm net compensation values of $3.253 bn for Atapu and $3.2 bn for Sépia were established.

Source: G1 Economia

Absolar calculates GD benefits at $ 30.8 bn by 2050

The Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association has released new figures on the impact that distributed generation can bring the electricity sector. According to the entity’s analysis, it adds up to more than R$ 150 billion ($26.7 bn) in the period only with the reduction of costs in the use of thermal plants. In the same period, it provides more than R$ 23 billion (£4.1 bn) in savings in electric losses in transmission, distribution and generation of electric energy in large plants. Thus, it calculates, the sum of these two aspects presents a cost reduction potential of over R$ 173 billion ($30.8 bn) by 2050.

Source: Canal Energia