New regulatory framework for railways promises to unlock $4.5 bn in investments

The pending approval, by Congress, of a new regime for railway operations in Brazil has the potential to unlock projects and unleash at least R$ 25 billion ($4.5 bn) in investments. It would be railway stretches built from scratch by companies interested in connecting new destinations and lowering the cost of cargo transportation. The proposal is one of the priorities of the Executive in the Senate.

Source: UOL Economia

Viracopos has 2nd increase in cargo handling and hits record since 2013

Viracopos Airport recorded a record in March in the monthly amount of international cargo handled, which contributed to the terminal achieving the best overall result of operations for a 30-day period since 2013. The report from concessionaire Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos indicates that 30,335 tons of cargo passed through the terminal in Campinas (SP) in March. Of this total, 8,139 tons are domestic and 22,196 tons are international items.

Source: G1 Economia

Brazil registers 67 million digital account openings in 2020

Projections from Idwall’s market intelligence team, indicate that around 67 million 100% digital accounts were opened in the country in 2020 alone, exceeding all expectations. In 2019, the team projected that 45 million digital accounts would be opened from the beginning of last year to December 2021, bringing the total to 73 million since mid-2016, but Pandemic has expedited that.

Source: Valor Investe

EDP to sell hydro plants in Brazil, bet on solar

With the goal of revamping its electricity generation portfolio, EDP Brasil has put up for sale three of the six hydropower plants it operates in the country. The effort has already begun, and the Portuguese-controlled company is likely to receive non-binding proposals for the assets in the coming weeks. The attention in the generation segment is focused on solar power, which should receive a relevant part of the $1.8 bn in investments estimated by the company by 2025.

Source: Valor International