Brazil produces less and diesel imports grow 57%.

Data from ANP indicate that diesel imports grew 57.2% in April compared to March. There were 1.4 million cubic meters brought in from abroad, the highest value for the month since 2013. Of this volume, 47.7% was imported by Petrobras. Diesel is an input for several products, since it fuels vehicles and machinery used in food production and in the transportation of goods.

Source: UOL Economia

Valentine’s Day should move $1.3 bn in Brazilian e-commerce

According to the projection of Neotrust, e-commerce Data Intelligence company, revenues compared to 2020 should have a growth of 10%, reaching R$ 6.9 billion ($1.3 bn) only online. The average ticket should also grow 12%, reaching R$ 452. ($86 )However, the total number of orders should fall by 3 percentage points (the forecast is that 15.2 million purchases will be made by the date).

Source: Exame

São Paulo retail sales grew 22.7% in May compared to April

Retail sales in the city of São Paulo grew by 22.7% in May compared to April, according to the Sales Balance of the Commercial Association of São Paulo (ACSP). The figures, with a sample from Boa Vista, were boosted by Mother’s Day, a date that traditionally helps to boost the sales of commercial establishments, and by the higher number of days with shops open, according to ACSP.

Source: Agencia Estado

Micro and small companies will generate the jobs that Brazil needs

The solution to the drama of part of the 14 million unemployed in Brazil lies in micro and small enterprises. They can create jobs, but they need liquidity and cash flow. Credit has been the main demand of those who seek out the São Paulo section of Sebrae. In 2020, the search tripled. For the entity’s leader, resolving this knot is what will allow new jobs to be created.

Source: Isto É